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The Summit Seminar on Chinese Mobile Phone Online Games was held successfully in Beijing!
Chinese First Summit Seminar on Mobile Phone Online Games which is sponsored by Downjoy was held on 21, July in Beijing Shichahai Yunsuo Bar, and more than seventy developers, operators of mobile phone...[read more]
The leaders¡¯ view on the trend of development of mobile phone games.
With hundreds of millions of potential consumers, the mobile phone games industry forged ahead rapidly in 2005. According to a market research report on mobile phone games made by Airui...[read more]
Mtone and Netvillage developed A Chinese Tale Story Jointly.
Do you still remember the unforgettable classical film A Chinese Odyssey? Today, ten years later, the film A Chinese Tale Story, the final passage of A Chinese Odyssey not only brings us familiar memories but also arouses our moving feelings...[read more]
Mtone president Doctor Wang Weijia delivers his speech: Cross-Strait Errantry, Three-Realm Adventure
On November 1st, Mtone, the most influential wireless Internet corporation in China, and EzMoBo, the leading wireless value-added service provider in Taiwan, convened a joint press conference, to announce the formal strategic cooperation between the...[read more]
Fan Bingbing Feels Legend of Three Realms with Her Heart and Seamlessly Touches Mobile Phone Online Game
On September 24th, the first player meeting for the first mobile phone network game Legend of Three Realms...[read more]

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